What’s Our Why?

Plastic pollution does not only impact sea life, it also carries toxic pollutants into the food chain – a food chain including us humans. Our mission is to put an end to the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis by inciting change in consumer mindset for our future generations.

How we do this

1. We lead by example.

We sell straws, and operate a business to show that it is possible for businesses to not only reduce their environmental impact but do good also. We believe that bottom lines should also include social impact too.

2. We clean up.

In NZ we are partnered with Sustainable Coastlines and in Hong Kong we organise cleanups ourselves. Meet our legendary Ghost Net diver, Harry Chan.

3. We educate.

We make online content and do talks and school visits in Hong Kong. The next generation are our future leaders, thinkers and innovators. Unfortunately the curriculum in Hong Kong has very little content on sustainability.

4. We collaborate.

We work with our existing hospitality clients for better waste management processes in the backend. Surprisingly, a lot of businesses do not know what can and can’t be properly composted.

By using one of our natural plant-based and home compostable straws we hope to inspire people to think what alternatives there may be for other single-use and plastic products.